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Recommended Equipment

HEMA involves the practice of martial techniques and we take the safety of our members seriously. For participation in classes, minimum required gear is a pair of protective gloves (hockey or lacrosse gloves are an acceptable minimum), a fencing mask, and a sword. For new students, we have loaner equipment available; however, if you are looking to purchase your own, below is a list of equipment we recommend to get you started.
All listed equipment is sorted based on price from lowest to highest.


*Note* Back of the head protection is required for sparring. When purchasing a mask, ensure it either has integrated back of the head protection or one that can be purchased to place over the mask.​



Training Swords

Knee & Shin Protection

If you are considering any equipment not listed here, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information. We have handled many different equipment options and can help you navigate the process of buying equipment that suits your needs.

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